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Evie and Zac

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Before the show

Evie is Zac's Girlfriend. She doesn't know his Merman Secret. They really like each other. Evie is very jealous of Lyla because she thinks that she is crushing on Zac. (Evie/Zac)

Relationship[edit | edit source]

They are first shown together in Outcasts. Later in Betrayal Evie break ups with Zac because she thinks he is hiding something from her and that he's with Lyla. But then they get back. And Zac gives her a lot of present. In one episode os anaunced that they have been together 8 months. In the last episode also Evie finds out that Zac is a mermen.

Their Break Up[edit | edit source]

They both like each other. But in one episode Evie broke up with Zac because he was acting very weird. But that later Zac showed his love by giving her gifts and apologizing to her. And they got back together.

Other Ship Names[edit | edit source]

  • Evic (Evie/Zac)
  • Zavi (Zac/Evie)
  • Zevie (Zac/Evie)

Zac's secret[edit | edit source]


In Betrayed Evie finds out that Zac is a merman. She promises that she's gona keep his secret. But in Decision Time Cam convinces Evie that Zac's gona be a mermen forever. And then Evie tries to stop Zac from going to Mako on a full moon. And she takes risk so she tells Zac that she is going to tell that he's a mermen. But on the end she doesn't tell.

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