Lyla Alone
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date August,16 2013
Written by Simon Butters
Directed by Evan Clarry
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Lyla Alone is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Mako Mermaids and was made available on Netflix on July 26th 2013


The girls continue to try to fit into human society, taking Rita's advice to buy clothes rather than steal them off the pier. Sirena and Nixie go to the Ocean Cafe to buy some clothes while Lyla wanders off to deal with Zac Blakely alone. At the cafe, Sirena and Nixie enlist Evie to help them pick out some clothes but she can't help but notice the strange behavior of the two girls. After buying clothes, they follow Evie to the shoe store, much to her annoyance. Meanwhile, Lyla tries to force Zac into merman form, believing him to be most vulnerable when he's just transformed. However, her plan backfires, leaving Lyla trapped in the café's refrigeration room as a mermaid. 


Guest CastEdit

  • Anna Mowry as Shoe Shop Owner
  • Jason Wilder as Service Man
  • >Monte as Poseidon


  • This is the first episode to feature Invisibility as a natural merperson power.
  • The girls discover Grotto (the grotto is Rita's)
  • Lyla gets stuck at Cafe's fridge
  • Sirena sings at Cafe

Title and ProductionEdit

  • This episode started filming on 20 may 2012.
  • The title probably means that Lyla was alone catching Zac.

Songs FeaturedEdit


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Lyla: We don't need her we can deal with Zac.We need to get him in contact with water.

Nixie: I think we should just wait for the next full moon. "Tyler Klause AKA Tyler 20": Yeah Nix's Right I Mean The Babe Has Her Point "Nixie": Oh Come Here You

Tyler 20 and Nixie Kiss"Lya": (Crying ) Oh Oh This Is So Touching "Reese Ambler": Lya Knock It Off Ya Numbskull!

Evie: Carly!It's my lunch break can you finish up for me?

Carly: Oh Where are you going? Evie: My favourit shoe shop is having a sale.Wanna get there before all the good shoes gone. "Bowser": Have You Girls Followed Tyler 20 Yet?! "Evie:" Not Yet Lord Bowser We're Getting A Fix On Them Even as We Speak ""Bowser"": Good Good Now Get Moving!

"'Carly"": Yes Lord Bowser!


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