Meeting Rita
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date August 09, 2013
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Evan Clarry
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Meeting Rita is the third episode of Season 1 of Mako Mermaids.


Still trying to find a way to remove Zac's powers, the mermaids follow Zac to school. At the school, the girls accidentally cause a water fountain to erupt, forcing Zac to run away from his girlfriend, Evie, to hide his secret. The school's principal, Rita, witnesses the whole scene and confronts the girls. She notices Sirena's Moon Ring and confiscates it. The girls follow Rita home to try and take the ring back and discover that Rita, too, is a mermaid.


Guest CastEdit

  • Deshay Padayachey as Biology Teacher
  • Monte as Poseidon


  • This episode marks the introduction of Rita and Carly.
  • Zac and his friends start their first day of school.
  • Unlike H2O, the name of the school is revealed to be Suncoast High.
  • When the girls follow Zac to school they attend Biology class which they find is barbaric for humans to teach their children.
  • First appearance of The Suncoast High


Cam: I'm Cam. I'm a life saver to... You guys new in town? Need any advice or anything

Sirena: Where's Zac going?
Cam: School. Suncoast High.What about you guys what school?

Nixie: That's where we're going too.

Sirena: I'm never complaining about mermaid school again.


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