Mimmi is a mermaid who first appears in Season 2 alongside Ondina to help fix the issue with Zac being a merman. From the beginning, she shared a strong connection with Zac. Later is revealed that Zac and Mimmi are brother and sister. And their mother is a powerful mermaid named Nerissa. Mimmi is one of the main characters in season two and three.


Mimmi is a beautiful mermaid from the Northern Pod. She can be very sweet, somewhat confident, although she can doubt her own powers sometimes, friendly, polite, and insightful. She's very skilled with spells, ingredients, and general mermaid knowledge. According to Ondina, she's a very powerful mermaid. Mimmi is extremely intelligent and always seems to be soaking up knowledge without even trying. She speaks fluent humpback whale and Dolphin, among other whale languages. Though Mimmi is very curious and blunt at times, that doesn't help her get out of trouble though!


Mimmi has wavy brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and tanned skin. She is shorter than both Sirena and Ondina. She also wears a silver dolphin pendant practically everyday on land, Mimmi is the most powerful out of Ondina, Sirena and Mimmi's Younger Brother Zac.


  • She is a new female character that is in season 2 and 3.
  • Like Ondina and Sirena, she loves squid, prawns and crabs.
  • Mimmi loves land people and calls them humans.
  • Mimmi is the only one, out of Zac, Ondina, Sirena, Evie, and Erik to show the power Aerokinesis.
  • She is considered a "dangerous mermaid" because of her origins as a Northern pod mermaid.  
  • She and her brother Zac are considered royalty.
  • She has a job at the Marine Park.
  • She often sings with Sirena who taught her how to sing during season 2.
  • She shows that she misses and loves her mother very much, even though they've never met.
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