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Moon Pools are special and supernatural pools with the ability to transform a human being into a mermaid when the Full Moon passes over. They are the source of the mermaids magical abilities, and their lives and magic are linked with a specific Moon Pool, meaning if it is deprived of its powerful, magical Moon Water, mermaids and mermen will perish and die with it.

Humans that transformed into a mermaid are magically linked with the Moon Pool that turned them, and are susceptible to all of its effects, except its destruction.

During Full Moons, some mermaids are tasked to be the guardians of the Moon Pool by the Mermaid Council's elders in their respective pods in order to prevent human beings from metamorphosing, while the whole pod is attending the Full Moon Ceremony.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The makers of H2O: Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure made the Moon Pool. It is completely artificial.
  • Until Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure is released, the only people affected by the Moon Pool's magic have all been female.
  • The Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure moon pool looks completely different from the one in H2O: Just Add Water. It's the same place where Cam got out of control with the way that Zac grabbed a hold of the trident until it broke when he tried to rule the reef as a merman.

Mako Moon Pool Cast / 2021


Cariba Heine Rikki Chadwick

Chai Hansen Zac

Dominic Deutscher Cam

Gemma Forsyth Evie

Rowan Hills David

Kerith Atkinson Rita

Amy Ruffle Sirena

Brooke Nichole Lee Carly

Isabel Durant Ondina

Allie Bertram Mimmi

Lucy Fry Lyla

Ivy Latimer Nixie

Alex Cubis Erik

Linda Ngo Weilan

John O'Brien Dr. Blakely

Laura Keneally Mrs Blakely

Taylor Glockner Chris

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