Happy anniversary. For the best eight years of my life.
Sirena's Secret
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date September 15
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Grant Brown
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Sirena's Secret is the 15th episode of Season 1 of Mako Mermaids.


Ocean Cafe is throwing a Music Night and Sirena sings there with David. But Lyla and Nixie are worried that Sirena will be too much attached to David and she will not want to return to the sea. That's why they ruined her audition with magic by changing her voice.

Meanwhile its Zac's and Evie's anniversary and Zac gives her a special gift, that gets ruined when Sirena sings. Then Zac tries to fix the present that he got for Evie with magic. Carly also auditions for the singing part and Zac changes her voice by using Volume Reduction. That's why Carly gets the singing job. Sirena is really sad and when the girls come and talk to Sirena, she is angry at them for ruining her chance, so they have a fight. The girls apologize to her and Sirena forgives them, saying that she can never be with a land boy. But then Nixie and Lyla convince her that she can, that Rita made it work. In the end Zac doesn't change Carly's voice. That's why Sirena sings with David. They kiss in the end.


Guest CastEdit

Songs FeaturedEdit

  • I Just Wanna Be (theme song)
  • Time Stands Still (Sirena)
  • Fly Away with You (Carly)
  • Now is the Time (Hannah)


  • In this episode, Lyla, Nixie, Sirena, and Zac are all shown using Volume Reduction to change people's voices. 
  • The Ocean Cafe is throwing a music night and they are having an audition for the singer. Sirena sings at Cafe.
  • Hannah appears as a tryout auditioner.
  • Zac uses index finger to change Cam's voice.
  • Carly also auditions for the singing part.
  • Sirena has a fight with Lyla and Nixie.
  • This is the first time that David and Sirena have a kiss.

Songs FeaturedEdit


  • The title probably means that Sirena is hiding that she is singing with David and that she kissed him.



Lyla:What are you doing?
Sirena: I'm practicing for my audition.

Zac:Happy anniversary. For the best eight years of my life.

Sirena:I thought I had real friends. I guess I don't.

Lyla:Sirena, We're sorry.
Nixie:We mean it.