It's perfectly natural to be good at some things and not good at others.
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date September 15
Written by Chris Roache
Directed by Grant Brown
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Truce is the sixteenth episode of the series Mako Mermaids.


Cam's new phone that has a video of Zac swimming gets in David's hands and the mermaids along with Cam and Zac must get it back before David sees the video of Zac swimming in merman form.


Cam's gets a new phone. He takes a video of Zac swimming in a merman form. Meanwhile The girls keep learning things from Rita. Cam puts the footage on the computer but Zac is too scared that anyone is going to see that, so he makes him delete it. Cam however doesn't show Zac, that he still had the video on his phone.

At the Ocean Cafe Cam takes pictures of Nixie. She gets mad and threw his phone by magic. The phone gets in front of David. David thinks that is his because he has exactly the same and takes the phone.

Meanwhile Rita tells Sirena and Lyla their grades. Lyla is angry because Rita tells her that she needs to practice more. Cam, Zac, Lyla, Nixie and Sirena try to distract David so they can get Cam's phone and delete the footage. But then Joe calls David to his phone and Cam sees that David doesn't have his phone but that he's phone is somewhere in Cafe, so they need to find it. So that's why Nixie makes her invisible, so she can take the phone from the Ocean Cafe. Then Cam comes and she lets him in. Zac, Lyla and Sirena also made themselves invisible and they show up at Ocean Cafe. They all search for Cam's phone. Then someone comes and all of them expect Cam make themselves invisible, and Cam has to hide.

In the end they find out that Cam's phone fell into a fruitbox that Carly took to the Ocean Cafe's fridge. Carly was about to see what's on the phone, when Nixie stood up and acted that she and Cam broke up, spilling a fruit drink on him. Cam says he's in need of a towel and Carly brings it to him, while Nixie breaks his phone, so no one can see the footage.


Guest CastEdit

  • Greg Richardson as Policeman

Songs FeaturedEdit


  • Cam gets a new phone.
  • David have a phone with Zac footage on when he's a merman.
  • Cam takes pictures of Nixie
  • Sirena sings with David again.



Nixie:This is actually very easy.
Lyla:I Haven't done anything yet.
Sirena:Guys Please.

Sirena:Guys we shouldn't fighting about our power. They are special
Lyla:For some of us.
Nixie:Was that directed to me?

Rita:It's perfectly natural to be good at some things and not good at others.

Zac:Stay out of my way.

Nixie:What a pain, he needs to control himself.
Lyla:You can talk you are the one who got us into this mess.

Nixie:Stop giving me a hard time do you want me to help you or not?

David:You're fantastic this night. Do you want me to walk you home?
Sirena:So sweet, but I'm fine thank you.


Nixie:Since we're all here we should look together.

Nixie:Thanks for playing along with the argument.
Cam:That was playing?
Nixie:Yes. You knew that.
Cam:Of course.
Cam:I should be so lucky... to have a girlfriend like you to break up with.
Cam:[nodding head yes] Except without a tail. [smiles]